"The past, present and future of our

relationship with livestock"

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Man's Forgotten Friend: A History of the Ox

The most comprehensive history of these lovely animals available - the product of well over a decade of research. Small, easy-to-read volume of the most interesting and amusing bits of the last two millennia and more of oxen!


Ridings Cows: How to Train Saddlecattle

Now back in print after a re-vamp, this is the first book in print solely dedicated to the training of cattle for riding. Using modern positive techniques and the carefully observed natural behaviour of cows, this method creates an engaged and willing, safe partnership.


The Eco Flock

How sheep can be the keystone of the self-sufficient household as one of the most versatile animals to keep: meat, milk, wool, leather and even draught power! This is a guide to making the most of your sheep without reliance on costly and chemical inputs.

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